Sustainability is at the heart of Plutus’ operations. Its flexible, stand-by sites facilitate the UK’s increasing reliance on renewable energy by utilising it to cost-effectively plug intermittency gaps. The use of renewable energy also helps to advance the decarbonisation of the UK’s energy sector.

Plutus PowerGen’s facilities are anticipated to run for no more than 150 hours per year in 60 minute blocks of time during peak demand and may not exceed 300 hours as a result of the commitments made in the planning permission process. Despite providing valuable generating capacity, each facility is expected to be switched off for more than 97% of the time, ensuring that their annualised emissions are minimal. The Company’s facilities will conform to all UK and EU air quality standards The generators will be fired with either green fuel from HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) or gas. Plutus PowerGen is continually evaluating other sources of green fuels and looking at technology to add to its generators to comply with the more stringent requirements associated with the Medium Combustion Plant Directive.