Key Relationships

The keys to success are land, asset funding and grid connection, and Plutus PowerGen enjoys constructive relationships with partners in each of these core aspects

Land and Planning

Property Developers

We work with developers to secure suitable sites in the south of the UK.

Land Owners

We are able to secure attractive sites through our relationships with land owners including London & Devonshire Trust and Associated British Ports.

Reliance Energy

We have a formal partnership with Reliance Energy to share solar generation sites (SolarFlex), and to raise funds. When procured, each project will be developed by Reliance Energy, and constructed and managed by Plutus PowerGen in return for a management fee. The equity in each project will be split 70:30, with the majority interest granted to the party that successfully introduces the site.


Debt Markets

There are emerging opportunities to provide development capital for management contracts.


We have strong relationships with banks and other financial institutions to provide debt financing.

Third Party Investors

Continuing to work actively with other potential and credible investors.